Estate & Gift Planning

The current laws related to estate and gift tax are numerous and complex. Transfers of wealth can be taxed or untaxed, unintended or planned, big or small. Your particular situation is different than anyone else. You have your own goals, ideas, hopes, and desires. You know you want your wealth to go to someone other than the government.

Maybe you are not ready to write your will yet, but you have gifts you like to give to family members. Are you applying gift planning to avoid unintended gift tax consequences?

Have you evaluated your estate and determined how you would like your assets managed or transferred and to whom? How will you protect your hard earned wealth in the event of your passing? Do you really want the government to have it?

Working with you, your family members, financial planners, and attorneys to the degree and depth you desire. Knowing the tax laws and can help you obtain your objectives you desire with the minimum tax allowable. Have you thought about the future of your family lately?